Yoga On Your Own



So, you’ve always wanted to try Yoga, but you don’t know where to start.  Or perhaps you have found a studio with which to take classes, but you aren’t sure that your budget allows for  the membership fee in order to practice multiple times each week. I must say there is nothing quite like practicing yoga with an instructor in person.  The instructor is able to assist their yogis by observing from an objective point of view and helping with adjusting their body position for maximum benefit as well as keeping them injury-free. In truth, as one grows their yoga practice, one finds that yoga becomes part of life, not just an exercise relegated to a certain building.  Here’s some tips for creating a yoga practice in your own space and time.


Find online instructors

There’s a good many Yoga Instructors who have posted Yoga videos that you can follow online and practice in your own living room.  Many of these videos can be accessed on YouTube and then found on the instructors’ websites from there. One of my personal favorites is  Other examples are Yoga with Tim, and Caroline Williams Yoga. This is a great way to experience different yoga instructor’s personalities and find yoga practices that fit your needs and preferences.  It can also greatly supplement the weekly practice at your local yoga studio while giving your pocketbook a rest.


Listen to your Body & Go Outside

After you have practiced yoga for awhile and learned at least a few yoga poses and/or flows, feel free to grab a towel and find a shady spot on your own lawn or at the nearest park.  Spend some time in a seated position, let the sounds of nature and the rhythm of your breathing lead you in a time of meditation. If you need more, proceed with the yoga poses that come to mind. Trust yourself and your body to do what is needed.  Push beyond the the feeling that you have to follow a leader, or certain knowledge in order to truly be doing yoga.


If the idea of striking out on your own to practice yoga seems daunting, here is a Yoga Sutra that hopefully aids in giving permission  to practice with only a little, or perhaps no experience at all. “Yoga is the control of the modifications of the mind field. Yoga Sutras 1.2”, where the word “control” also means regulation, mastery, integration, coordination, stilling, and quieting; and  “modifications of the mind field” refers to the gross and subtle thought patterns.

This sutra redirects the idea of yoga as a bunch of physical poses and focuses on the mind.  Another sutra says “Practice means choosing, applying the effort, and doing those actions that bring a stable and tranquil state.


To add to your local yoga experience and the instructors you encounter online, visit and discover the many instructor in your area offering unique yoga classes in places and in times that coordinate with your life.  You may be on the cusp of learning something new about yourself and the world around you which can greatly improve your life.





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