Yoga On Your Own

  So, you’ve always wanted to try Yoga, but you don’t know where to start.  Or perhaps you have found a studio with which to take classes, but you aren't sure that your budget allows for  the membership fee in order to practice multiple times each week. I must say there is nothing quite like... Continue Reading →


Introducing… A Yoga Teacher

For those of you considering offering beginner yoga classes, and have not made that commitment yet, our conversation with Lisa Willcock will surely stir your interest about what a yoga teacher might be like and what motivates them to teach. I had the pleasure of lunching with a lovely woman on International Women’s Day. Lisa... Continue Reading →

Expanding Your Reach

You’re a Yoga Teacher.  Congratulations! You have practiced and worked hard to gather strength and knowledge about the body and all that yoga can do to bring balance and harmony to it.  The work you have done is, in itself, a personal reward and you are so happy to be able to aid others in... Continue Reading →

Yoga to Enliven Winter

Autumn and Winter are wonderful seasons! Relationships strengthen with fireside moments as friends and family converge. We hardly need a reason to be thankful at Thanksgiving as these aesthetics please and nourish our souls.  We rejoice to see the beauty in zillions of different snowflakes and anticipate loving memories made around a holiday table. For... Continue Reading →

Yoga + Sports = Wins

In most fitness circles of the West, Yoga has been thought of as a purely Eastern activity mostly about stretching and moaning and getting tied up in strange “body knots”.  Would it surprise you to learn that 73% of respondents to a recent poll at said they do not practice yoga?  It may not... Continue Reading →

Tips for Outdoor Yoga Practice

  "Indoor yoga is a pretty recent phenomenon," says Eoin Finn, an internationally renowned yoga instructor who spends up to 15 hours a day outdoors. "Yogis originally did yoga outside in beautiful places." Practicing yoga in the outdoors can be revitalizing—and brings you a little closer to the original purpose of yoga: achieving unity. "A... Continue Reading →

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